Brodersen text displays and operator panels provide the operator with relevant information about e.g. operating conditions and actual measured variables, when the plant is operating normally, and alerts the operator in case of a malfunction situation.

The information is transferred from a PLC or other controller and con-verted to clear, simple messages on the display - as fixed texts or a combination of fixed text and current measured variable. Operator panels have 2 lines of text with 20 characters and a capacity of up to 200 messages. Each message can include up to 16 dynamic digits.

As and where desired, the operator can key his way directly into the PLC and change parameters or implement pre-programmed functions - and here it is possible to choose between panels with 4 or 24 keys.

Operator panels are supplied with different options for connection to the controller - e.g. with a parallel interface for direct connection to the digital outputs on the controller, with a serial interface including drivers to most PLCs or with VT100 terminal emulation.

Programming of texts is perfectly straightforward and is done either with an ordinary PC or by connecting a PC keyboard directly.

If display message printouts including the time are required for documentation or data-logging purposes, a printer can be connected.

The elegant design and small dimensions of the Brodersen message displays have been tailor-made for incorporation in a console or control panel.



Datasheet Text Display

Software UCTTOOL32 Text Display Editor

Manual Text Display UCT-33, UCT-36

Manual Text Display UCT-32, UCT-34