Control relay for monitoring of correct phase sequence, phase break and undervoltage.

Connection to 3-phase mains supply with or without neutral. Fixed limits for energizing and de-energizing the single or double output relay. LED indication of supply voltage and phase failure.

Versions available for DIN rail or 11-pole plug-in base mounting.

Versions available for separate supply and measuring voltage.

The phase failure relay monitors phase sequence, phase break and undervoltage. The output relay is energized when all three phase voltages are present and the phase conditions (voltage and phase sequence) are correct. The phase failure relay has a fixed time delay to prevent faulty energization and de-energization caused by short interferences. LED indication of supply voltage connected (green) and phase or voltage failure (red). The phase failure relay uses L2 and L3 (6 and 7) for supply voltage. The indicators therefore only work if these phases are present. An improvement of the measuring range is obtained by connecting neutral to the relay (see the technical data).

Datasheet MCP-10

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