Selection Guide PX Signal Converters
Datasheet all PX series

Process control and monitoring systems often use a large number of standard process signals, voltage levels, current loops, temperature and pulsed signals to name but a few. When designing a system from scratch it may be possible to exactly match each type of sensor to a controller, but even then, it is not always cost effective to do so.

With Brodersen’s PX signal conditioners, signals can be converted from one standard to another and even an analogue signal can be effectively fed into a digital input.

The PX relay is a high quality product, which has been designed and tested to the latest requirements for EMC immunity/emission and the low voltage directive (CE marked).

The PX relay also provides a galvanic isolation of 3.75kV. The PX relay is supplied in a standardised industrial housing, 22.5mm wide, for mounting on 35mm symmetrical DIN-rail with touch-proof, combi notch-screw terminals.

A snap-on cover on the front of the relay conceals the adjustment potentiometers.