Brodersen UDC-35 Digital panel controller with three output relays. The controller is microprocessor based and fully programmable from the keypad.
Controller function:
P, PI, PD, PID regulator with pulse width controlled output relay.
•Heating/cooling controller plus alarm relay.
• 3 individual on/off controllers.

The panel controller operates with the following input signals:

• AC/DC voltage.
• AC/DC current.
• Temperature with Pt-100/500/1000, Ni-100, thermistors and thermo- couples. The temperature measurement is fully linearized by the built-in microprocessor.
• Standard process signals.
The actual input signal type and measuring range must be specified when the panel controller is ordered.

Programmable facilities:
• Controller function (P, PI, PD, PID or on/off).
• Auto tune.
• 1, 2 or 3 setpoints.
• Setpoint hysteresis (below or above setpoint).
• Alarm point (symmetrical, below or above setpoint).
• Alarm point hysteresis.
• Input delay (0-10.0 sec.)
• Temperature measuring unit (°C or °F).
• Scale minimum/maximum.
• Decimal point position.
• Correction for temperature sensor tolerances.
• Display update time (0.2-10.0 sec.).
• Output relay mode selection with 4 different output modes.
• Delay, output relay 1,2 and 3 individually (0-50.0 sec.).

The settings are stored in an EEPROM and accidental change of preprogrammed settings is avoided through the keypad lock facility.
3 output relays with LED indication of energized relay.

Compact design featuring splash proof front panel with integrated displays, LED indicators and 4 button keypad for programming and adjustment.

96 x 48 mm DIN housing with plug-in screw terminals at the rear.

Versions for AC/DC supply voltage with galvanic isolation between input signal and power supply.

Datasheet UDC-35

Manual UDC-35

Datasheet all UDM and UDC